Finoa announces partnernship with Dapper Labs including logos.
Finoa announces partnernship with Dapper Labs including logos.

With the mainnet launch of Dapper Lab’s Flow protocol, Finoa is excited to announce that it has been exclusively chosen as the provider of institutional-grade custody for FLOW, the native token powering the network.

Finoa has worked closely with Dapper Labs to ensure that both professional investors and Dapper Laps have exclusive custody support in time for the upcoming token distribution.

In addition to custody, FLOW token holders will further have the opportunity to stake and delegate their allocations directly from Finoa’s infrastructure. Thus, providing them with the chance to contribute to the network seamlessly, safely, and securely.

Blockchain-enabled applications…

We are delighted to announce that Finoa has closed a $22 Million Series A Funding Round to further fuel our growth story. The new round was led by European venture capital firm Balderton Capital, with further participation from existing investors Coparion, Venture Stars and Signature Ventures, as well as an undisclosed investor. With this funding round, Finoa is one step closer to delivering on its aspiration of becoming a regulated one-stop-shop for institutional investors and corporations to manage all their digital asset needs.

“With Balderton Capital joining our group of investors, we have added a renowned partner who brings unparalleled…

Institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolios can now custody five more DeFi tokens with Finoa! We are delighted to introduce support for Bancor (BNT), Band Protocol (BAND), Celsius (CEL), 1INch (1INCH), and Voyager (VGX)!

Bancor (BNT)

Bancor is an open-source and permissionless blockchain protocol that allows users to convert different cryptocurrency tokens directly and instantly. Thus, eliminating the need for users to exchange their digital assets on crypto exchanges. Bancor created a virtual reserve currency, called the Bancor Network Token, and an automatic exchange mechanism, where prices and trading volumes are controlled automatically through the protocol.

The protocol converts…

Institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolios can now custody six more DeFi tokens with Finoa. We are excited to introduce support for Aave (AAVE), Uniswap (UNI), The Graph (GRT), SushiSwap (SUSHI), Compound (COMP) and Yearn Finance (YFI)!

With the equivalent of over 27.8B USD in locked value at the time of writing, these six tokens showcase a clear and increasing demand for true decentralization and services, previously only offered by centralized providers.

We are proud to support token holders with our institutional-grade custody and further asset management services while also contributing to the innovative momentum of DeFi!


The team at Finoa is honoured to have been chosen as the preferred institutional custodian to support MINA for their mainnet launch by offering custody services to initial backers of this exciting project. At Finoa, we know that adapting in this constantly changing industry is a valuable quality that requires commitment and flexibility from every team member to make the most out of a situation. We are convinced of the value behind the MINA network and share the vision of a lightweight blockchain that prioritizes open and private access to financial services and is powered by its participants. Even further…

Finoa is delighted to announce collaboration with Mina Protocol as the preferred institutional custodian. Institutional investors who wish to diversify their portfolios, get exposure to, and participate in the Mina ecosystem, will be able to rely on Finoa’s services from genesis block onwards. This partnership highlights Finoa’s international positioning, lightning-fast integration of new blockchains, and drive to speed up institutional crypto adoption.

“Finoa is known for the quality of its professional investor services, and this partnership will allow us to give financial institutions the ability to hold Mina tokens and participate in the growing Mina community.”, …

Finoa is excited to announce partnership with TrustToken to provide institutional-grade crypto custody for TRU, the TrueFi native token powering uncollateralized lending, at mainnet launch.

Why is the TrueFi mainnet launch exciting?

With TrueFi, TrustToken aims to bring uncollateralized lending to the Decentralized Finance ecosystem, a concept well-known from traditional financial markets.

Moving the uncollateralized lending market onto the blockchain opens up access to lenders of nearly any size and background — providing cryptocurrency lenders with sustainable rates of return while giving cryptocurrency borrowers predictable loan terms without requiring collateral — paving the way for a fully market-driven and automated credit rating and lending system in the…

Finoa and Skale Labs partnernship announcement including logos.
Finoa and Skale Labs partnernship announcement including logos.

Finoa is pleased to announce a partnership with Skale Labs, to bring institutional-grade custody support for SKALE, the native token powering the SKALE Network.

The SKALE Network, an Ethereum-as-a-service platform, is built to support the exponential growth of the Ethereum blockchain by easing traffic and significantly lowering transaction costs. Thus, allowing developers to bring dApps to market that can live up to the high consumer demands.

With a sophisticated and effective approach to Proof of Stake, combining a pooled validation model with random note selection and frequent note rotation, the SKALE Network ensures that it is scalable, secure, and economically…

Finoa and Coinlist logos on Finoa’s signature background.
Finoa and Coinlist logos on Finoa’s signature background.

Finoa is excited to announce an exclusive collaboration with CoinList to bring institutional-grade custody and staking to the FLOW network, the most successful public token sale on CoinList’s platform to date, and further crypto projects in the future.

The collaboration is based on a shared aspiration to empower and drive success for emerging crypto projects by providing the necessary infrastructure to enable both safe, secure token sale and distribution, while also instilling trust in and attracting early adopters.

“We are extremely excited to support CoinList, the premium global token sale platform, with secure custody and delegation in the FLOW ecosystem…


Perspectives on blockchain technology are plentiful and its wider applications and future opportunities are arguably endless, making sense of everything, however, is not always straightforward. This is especially true when assessing the wider blockchain opportunities through the eyes of professional individuals, whose views vary significantly and are often shaped by the disciplines and industries that they may find themselves in.

Our purpose with the interview series is to dive deep on the ever-changing world of crypto and uncover industry insights through in-depth conversations with experts in the field. Our interviewees have been carefully selected, and come with interesting experience from…


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